WAM Collective, of the Weisman Art Museum at the University of Minnesota, serves as the student voice of and for the museum. WAM Collective acts as a bridge between the widely diverse student body of the U of M and WAM. The Collective fosters student ownership of the museum, advises staff on effective ways to engage the student body, and is proactive in promoting WAM throughout the University community and beyond.

General Information
WAM Collective is the official student group of the Weisman Art Museum on the campus of the University of Minnesota. The aim of WAM Collective is to bridge the gap between WAM and the U of M community through innovative educational and social activities. Members have the opportunity to collaborate with WAM departments, U of M student groups, and community organizations.

One thought on “About

  1. I attended the WAM COLLECTIVE sponsored screening of “Connected” at the Weisman last night. I want to thank the COLLECTIVE for providing the public with such an opportunity. The wonderful snacks and the chance to tour the Weisman collection was delightful. It’s too bad that the film was such a disaster. “Connected” is nothing but a self-indulgent, pseudo-scientific home movie that perhaps would be a passable work of a first-year film student.
    The fact that this woman’s father died of cancer and that she has had difficult pregnancies may be of interest to her friends and family, but to imply that we’re dealing with some kind of connected technological revolution revolving around these events is just plain silly. Her disingenuous citing of John Muir, de Vinci, Einstein, etc. in attempts to make her film somehow relevant was embarrassing. The repetitive insertion of film clips and tired graphics was neither humorous nor informative.
    I’m sure that the COLLECTIVE has access to a number of documentaries dealing with perhaps some of the artists on display at the Weisman which would be better examples of real documentary filmmaking.
    Thank you again for staging such events. It was a pleasant evening until the film started.

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