Imprints Playlist

Walk the walk and talk the talk, but most of all, listen to a dope playlist that makes you feel like a starfish amongst crustaceans. Whether you’ll be strutting your stuff on the Washington Ave bridge or in a fashion show for #FWMN, we’re excited to share with you the songs models jammed to at #WAMImprints this week.

Oh, and don’t forget to Blue Steel at the passersby as you listen:

Naïve to the Bone – Marie Davidson
Artist’s Bandcamp:
Song link:

Noonside – Yaeji
Artist’s SoundCloud:
Song link:

Time – Leon Vinehall
Artist’s SoundCloud:
Song link:

Hubble – Actress
Song link:

Closing Shot – Lindstrøm
Artist’s SoundCloud:
Song link:

Asia Cruz is a senior studying Marketing and Design, and she is the Events Chair with WAM Collective. She enjoys thinking creatively to answer life’s toughest questions: what is the most efficient way to solve a problem? What are we working on that we can do even better? And how many licks does it really take to get to the center of a lollipop? She also loves weird music, peanut butter, and doodling.


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