The Art Powerhouses of Minneapolis Take NYC

5 lessons learned when two 20-something girls explore life, love, and art in Manhattan.

Close your eyes & pretend you are rich. New York feels better that way.

MEME (1)


Everyone’s important in New York, you just have to be the most important. Bring your student ID and a back up student ID, also your staff pass to wherever you work, and your last name if it happens to be Armani. Keep talking. When in doubt cry. Claim it’s an art emergency.



There’s always a better VIP pass than yours. Just hope that your Minneapolis VIP pass can get keep up with NYC.

VIP (1)


Everything worth finding in New York is through a hole. Literally. If you do not know to look for holes you will walk past the subway 4 times. You do not have the wrong address for the vintage shop you are trying to find in Brooklyn, you’re just not looking in the holes.

Hole (1)


If you hate yourself get your bagel scooped. This is really a thing that people do to poor undeserving bagels. And the number one reason to decide not to live in New York.

Bagel-Quiche-Recipe-2 (1)



Elise Armani I’m a third year BFA candidate at the University of Minnesota. I’m studying Studio Art and Gender, Women and Sexuality Studies with a minor in Art History! I currently work at WAM as the Gallery Learning Intern and the WAM Collective and Administrative Assistant and also sit on the WAM Advisory Board. When I’m not busy running around on campus with everything I own in my purse, I like to paint, collect books, update my Google Calendar, and read and write feminist theory.



Lexi Herman As a B.F.A candidate at the University, I am often found wandering art galleries and museums pretending to be someone important. I pursue life with a never ending cup of coffee in hand and often wear matching outfits with Elise Armani. I am the Education Assistant at the Weisman and the Program Chair of the WAM Collective. In my daunting amount of free time I shop for vintage clothes and enjoy experimental grocery shopping.



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