2015-2016 was an incredible year of growth for WAM Collective. Outreach Coordinator Elise Armani created a beautiful infographic (see below) to show our growth in numbers, but the group also expanded and deepened our campus-wide relationships, combined individual creative ideas to produce wildly varied programming, and dug deep to discover what is possible for a museum student group to accomplish.

Mindfulness guided the Collective throughout the year. We sought to create a more inclusive environment and idea hub and to facilitate more authentic, lasting experiences with visitors and partners. We are proud to have contributed to the advancement of a healthier campus climate and are eager to continue pursuing programming and practices that fulfill the University’s needs with the power of art!


A few of our members reflect on the year…

Kimberly David My favorite memories this year are from the weekly Program Committee meetings. Brainstorming activities and themes for events like Study Night was never a dull time. Someone was always adding something weird to the agenda. During our first meeting we entertained the idea of having cues on our agendas that would make us do weird things during our next full group meeting. Anyone who was not at the committee meeting would have no idea what was going on and why we were doing all these things. We did not go through with the plan, but we were very amused by the notion of it. We joked around a lot, but I feel like I am truly part of a hard-working team that made everyone feel like a valued member.

img alt

Madalyn Johnson My absolute favorite memory would have to be volunteering at the Glowtown workshop with Sharon Louden. At the time of the workshop I was very new to the Collective and was looking for a way to get involved and get a feel for the events hosted by the museum. When my friend and I arrived I knew it was going to be a cool project. Tables were scattered around; cardboard and hot glue stations lined the walls. Sharon Louden instructed a bunch of young kids to use the supplies to create a part of a city and then accent it with glow-in-the-dark paint. It was incredible to be able to guide the creativity of these children and watch them create such amazing art out of cardboard, toothpicks, and some glow paint. The best part of the experience was when the lights were turned off and the children got to see the city they had created glow to its full potential. There were gasps of amazement as the room came to life with imagination. I loved creating an environment for these kids to dream and create anything they wanted. Opportunities like this make me proud to be a part of the amazing WAM community.

img alt

Olivia Latimer I think the most memorable moment of the year was watching my friend Lexine Schumm’s design walk down the runway at Likeness, the student design showcase. I had the rare opportunity to watch the various stages of fashion design and composition up close which I, as a visual artist, had never seen before! I was amazed by the long, tireless hours Lexine and the other designers put into their work. That immense amount of detail and care certainly paid off. Additionally, working with the WAM Collective, I watched the show take form as a work of art itself. The experience I’ve had working on the orchestration of a major artistic event is invaluable. Every step of the way, my fellow Collective members have been as tireless, creative, and inspirational as the designers themselves. Here’s to another extraordinary year!



Year In Review


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