The Fruit Tree by Paul H. Winchell.

A piece at the Weisman Art Museum that I find myself coming back to again and again is The Fruit Tree by Paul H. Winchell. Displayed on this canvas is a scene full of hidden meaning, a broad community, and interpretations.

The label for the painting declares that the museum knows nearly nothing about the artist or the story of the painting. Visitors to WAM have the opportunity to write what they know or can interpret about the painting in a notebook nearby. Throughout time, many thinkers, analysts, and imaginers have speculated the crowded scene that features a classy couple, a dancer, children, workers, animals, and even a puppet in the likeness of Mickey Mouse. What has brought this group together? Where does the story take place? What was the artist trying to communicate?

This vault of hidden meaning displaying a community whose narrative is open for our interpretation is closely related to the vision of the Spring 2016 TEDxUMN event, Reawaken. Reawaken is about returning our awareness to things forgotten or untried. What was previously hidden, by ourselves or others, will be rediscovered on Friday, April 29th from 6-10PM. Reawaken your potential. Experience an awakening of the mind, body, and soul. Awakeners and Awaken-ees will come together as a community to spark motivation and courage in each other. Awakeners will inspire on topics including careers, success, failure, innovation, creativity, art, charity, compassion, and fitness. Like all TEDxUMN events, Reawaken will be multidisciplinary. The speakers’ topics have been determined, but what it will reawaken for you depends on your interpretation…. So bring your notebook.

Find more information on our Facebook page.

Purchase tickets here.


Brooke Noah, TEDxUMN Community Engagement


Brooke Noah I am a sophomore at the U from Thorp, Wisconsin, studying Human Resource Development and Theater Arts. My career aspiration is to develop people through creative methods. This year I am proudly serving on the TEDxUMN Community Engagement Team.



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