JUUT Salonspa hair styling detail, photo by Hailey Brumley.

WAM Collective hosted its annual spring design showcase this past Wednesday, April 20th, entitled Likeness. This year’s show was centered around the concept of identity, and the designers’ ready-to-wear garments were inspired by the question: “How Do You Become You?” From the lighting to the decorations, the entire space was influenced by Andy Warhol’s Cowboys and Indians exhibition currently on display at the Weisman. A photo booth was an extra addition to this year’s showcase, providing lots of laughs and memories for all of the guests!


The Riverview Gallery and Shepherd Room were packed with guests as the models made their way down the runway. The Warhol-inspired playlist provided the perfect ambiance for the runway show. After the initial first catwalk, our emcees for the night, Elise Armani and Hannah Germaine, called each designer out to the runway one by one for a question and answer session.

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The Q&A portion of the night allowed for each designer to explain their garment and what inspired them to take the creative routes they chose. Important conversations were sparked through each design, including discussion about consumerism trends in our modern day society, the lack of LGBT presence in fashion, and reflections on personal body image. The designers were extremely transparent with the challenges and triumphs they face everyday, both playing an equal part in creating their personal identity.


Photo by Hailey Brumley.

Some designers also used their hobbies or passions to influence their ready-to-wear garment. For example, one designer focused on the difference between automatic photography and the distinct manipulation of a photograph to create art, while another displayed her love for hip-hop dance and graffiti culture.

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As the final spring event on WAM Collective’s calendar, we all pitched in to ideate, create, and implement the showcase with the student designers and WAM staff. This event is one I personally look forward to all year and cannot wait to see all of components finally come to fruition the night of the showcase. Likeness was the graduating seniors’ final event as part of the WAM Collective, so it is an extra special night to celebrate all of the hard work and dedication they have contributed over the years.


Kaitlin Rahon I am a junior at the University of Minnesota. I am majoring in Marketing while pursuing a minor in Art History. I am originally from Southern California, and although I occasionally miss the constant sunshine, I love living in the Twin Cities. My passions include biking, hiking, and reading. I love art, whether I am drawing during my free time, or learning about brilliant artists. I am also a member of the Women’s Gymnastics team here at the U! Going into my second year as a member of the WAM Collective, I am very excited to continue spreading my passion for art and building a strong relationship with the members and staff.



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