The 15th Avenue ‘Gateway’ Mural Project: Uniting Students and Long-time Residents

When an artist creates a piece of art, they produce something visually connected to the viewer and to themselves. If a group of people design and create a piece of art together, they make a life-long connection with one another, which is shown in what they produce.

The 15th Avenue ‘Gateway’ Mural project was the idea of a graduate student who walked under the 15th Avenue underpass and saw this dim space as a “blank canvas” and a way to build community.


After roughly two years of discussion with the University and community groups, the green light was lit on the proposal and paint began filling the primed design of the mural, created by two artists, in a paint-by-number way of production.


Interested in seeing this art firsthand? Go to 15th and 8th Ave SE (underneath the railroad tracks) and take a look at everything our wonderful volunteer artists have to offer!


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