What Are YOU Doing Friday Night?

Heyy friendly readers! So you all saw our post about the awesome The 4onthefloor rooftop concert a few weeks ago — question is: were you there?? Yes? NO? WHAT? Well, if you missed it, we’re giving you another chance to rock out. Yes you heard right, that rooftop concert was just a teaser, a small sampling of what is to come at our next celebration, WAM-O-RAMA!

WAM-O-RAMA is an annual event for U of MN students that will be taking place this Friday (10/7/11) night at WAM. Best part? The whole thing is FREE. All of it! So much awesomeness will be happening you’d really just be hurting yourself if you miss it. Check this extensive list of goings-on during the night:

Performances by Howlers, The 4onthefloor, & the nationally acclaimed Those Darlins

Mesa pizza and pop

Traveling Photobooth with a make-yer-own mustache craft station to use in your photos

A chance to view the newly renovated WAM!

Seriously. It’s been a long first month of school, so come party with us.


The WAMigos


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