Goldy’s Got a Thing for WAM: The Como Barbecue

WAM Collective hit up the Como Barbecue this past Sunday, an event for the Como neighborhood community, which as you know is home to many U of MN students.  We were able to mingle with other student groups tabling at the event as well as non-University affiliated groups, including restaurants, eco-friendly organizations and a woman selling crocheted dishcloths (random but awesome).  Despite the somewhat gloomy weather, the Barbecue was a lot of fun! Not to mention, there was Qdoba, cotton candy, corn on the cob, baked potatoes, etc. (did we mention this event was FREE?). There was also a polka band entertaining the crowd — again, random but awesome. We even ran into our good friend Goldy and had him pose in our golden frame. Overall, it was a jolly good time and a great place to promote WAM’s upcoming events!

“WAM Collective makes me swoon.” -Goldy


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